Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Trying to keep you all updated,

Still finalizing the form component which I can finally see its title, although no text (I still have to figure out which text model I am going for). I will be working on the pen component next so that I can get the form windows moving around.

Note that skinning will not be an option for users in the first version. I think its more important I get something that works and is stable before I think about customization. But don't get me wrong, I do believe in skinning, just not in its priority.

What is nice however is that because Screens is object oriented, all controls and windows are derived from the UIElement class which allows me to send a UIElementDraw message to an object and the controls & windows override the UIElementDraw method to draw themselves their own way. GUI is just so much easier with object oriented storage.

I have also finished implementing shadows, so I can freely link objects wherever I want in the hierarchy. For example: even though the drawn objects are under the display device object, they are shadows so I can easily swap them out for other drawing objects... virtual workspaces in an easy programming switch. Just scratching the surface of what an object storage can do.

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