Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Don't rely on a compiler extension when doing platform indepedent code
You will never know when your code will hit a compiler you did not anticipate. Keep it cleanand simpleand don't try to be smart. Consistency is key in writing alot of components. Avoid using tricks because their value will decrease over time because you will lose track of the tricks you used.
2. Using a 'better' language (C++, C#) will not reduce the real complexity which is the number of components you need to write and thier dependencies and relationships.
3. Consistency in API function and component naming is sometimes more important than the implementation itself since the implementation can be refactored while an API mostly cannot be changed.
Just a few things that come to mind when writing code for Screens. I am still active on the project and spend between 1-2 hours a day on Screens now thanks to my HP Mini-Note 2133.
I have not got to the graphics code just yet, but I am very close to try it out.