Sunday, May 22, 2011

Event notifications

I have been active on my ScreensOS project. I did another refactoring of the components and made it simpler to understand and easier to send notifications.

To register for an event:

CoreEventRegister(pObject, CoreNodeComponent, CORE_NODE_EVENT_MOVE, MyMoveCallback);

To send an event:

CoreEventNotify(pObject, CoreNodeComponent, CORE_NODE_EVENT_MOVE);

The advantage of this design is that each message is unique per component. No need to have selectors or string hashes. Each component just defines an enum of messages either public or private.

You can also send asynchronous messages using CoreEventNotifyAsync which doubles as a timer delay if the delayInMilliseconds parameter is non zero.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Xml first alpha works

Great! FileXml parser works combined with FileChunk and FileToken.

However there is a bug in detaching objects when inside a destroy handler message. I will work on this bug next.

I gave it a simple xhtml file and it parsed it successfully. I will do some more tests on different xml files to know that I can move on to the next set of components.

You can find always the latest package of components at: