Friday, July 13, 2007


Yes, the broken wheel is still rolling down the hill... Sorry for the lack of updates in the last month, I have been very active on Screens (proof is in my SVN updates) but the problem is that I still have to figure out some problems to be satisfied with Screens. One of the biggest issues I am dealing with at the moment is concrete objects which I believe is a very important feature for Screens. It allows each thread to have its own concrete view of the entire object storage. Updates are done to the object storage only if no conflicts exist (a conflict is detected if your thread was reading something that was out of date when the commit operation happened) and it then updates the concrete view of the thread to the current state of the object storage. This means that nothing happens outside of the threads activity untill an update. It makes multi-threading into a much easier experience since threads dont have to worry about external events reaching into the system. Because a commit operation either writes all changes or none, it keeps the object storage in a consistent state. I hope I can find the right solution for this problem. Once concrete objects are done I still have some other issues to deal with. Wish me luck!