Monday, April 05, 2010

Moving forward

As you can see from my twitter updates, things are moving forward. I am slowly but surely moving up the component chain.

The only nagging issue at the moment is that components can be attached freely to objects however when I depend on multiple components, the interface does not specify what components are public. For example: UIWindow uses CoreItem to manage the window hierarchy but how would I specify this in the interface? At the moment I am just adding a ‘using x’ doxygen comment in the component type definition. Not a big issue at the moment but noticed.

The advantage of using components is already making its way and improves with every set of components I add since they can depend on each other for functionality. Its like classes but the relationships are not pre-defined but rather by their use. If component A uses component B only then is it dependent on component B.

I am now on the window related components trying to get back to the original demo state where I first had moving windows without text (I am using 2D OpenGL for this incarnation of Screens). The UI will hopefully be more functional this time.

I hope I keep up this development pace.