Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mac development begins...

1. I just bought my first iMac top of the line (i7 2.9GHZ+SSD+8GB+1TB) which I am enjoying immensely.
2. I have ported my code over to XCode for the iPhone development.
3. I have updated my svn (under packages) with the latest components.

So I am back to work with a clear development path.

I have added support for inheritence+extensions for objects. For example: IOSView extends UIDisplay without UIDisplay being aware of IOSView. When UIDisplay calls pDisplay = CoreObjectNew(UIDisplayComponent) it creates not only an instance of UIDisplay but attaches to it also an instance of IOSView automatically. This allows IOSView to fill in the display buffer parameters without UIDisplay having to call IOSView. This is a great feature.

I am working on the basic components such as Timers, Pen events, Xml parsing and so on. This should take some time but components are being written quite quickly, so I will hope for the best.

Instead of uploading new zip files, I will from now on just refer to the latest SVN versions.