Friday, June 24, 2005

Update - Changes

Hi Everyone, What a week... I was stuck untill yesterday on a last function which is to remove data objects but I have solved the problem and hope to finish coding it by monday. Screens is moving along however I have decided to push the multi-threading and module support to after the demo. The demo will be a UI based on the data object storage which will be a launcher. It will launch PalmOS applications utilizing the object storage, so the demo will be basicly a small launcher. The idea is to show you that Screens realy exists and will allow me to be able to test the multi-threading and module support more easily. The demo should be finished before the end of july. I start working on the type system this week and should finish the basic types by the end of next week. Note that the API wont be present in the demo so you wont able to write applications yet for it but the demo should give you a general idea but not how Screens will finally look. The demo will use 16bit color on a 320x320 resolution and will contain an initial design of Screens.

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