Monday, May 30, 2005


As you can see I am writing alot of information in editorials lately just to give you another slice of what Screens has in the kernel core. I figured out how modules will interact with the kernel using FtrGet and SysAppLaunch which are the only two PalmOS functions used by user modules. system modules can use any PalmOS functions to implement functionality for other user modules to use. The idea is that system modules are device dependent while user modules are device independent. Think of system modules like drivers. There are still a few issues on how to actually store objects in a database which I hope to solve soon (as usual). The issues are like to do I use the database like a file stream where each record holds data of a fixed size or does each record represent an item. Hopefully I will be able to talk with some of the MSN friends in my Screens group to get some answers. The object storage is evolving very nicely and so far I am very proud of it.

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